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Modern Fireplace Designs

The future of fireplace design is here, and now is the time to install your new fireplace before the cold winter sets in.

Fireplaces are available in a variety of designs, from classic and traditional, to modern and futuristic. If you want the latest in fashionable fireplaces, here are three popular, forward-thinking ideas to consider:

– Outdoor fireplaces: Many homeowners often think only of indoor fireplaces when considering their fireplace options. But outdoor fireplaces are great for homes that don’t have the room for a fireplace indoors. Furthermore, outdoor fireplaces offer increased home value and other benefits, like creating a comfortable outdoor environment, keeping away pesky bugs that make summer evenings unbearable, and providing an outdoor cooking experience.

– Raised fireplaces: Raised fireplaces are great as accent pieces that will catch the attention of your guests all while generating heat for your home. Raised above the traditional fireplace height, these fireplaces are great for rooms that you wouldn’t typically find fireplaces, like bedrooms, kitchens or baths.

– Glass framing: These fireplaces have all-glass fronts, removing the metal trim and giving the fireplace an ultra-modern look. These fireplaces shine and are best for homes designed with an ultra-modern decor.

The options above are just a few of the modern designs and ideas you can incorporate into your home. Keep in mind that these designs won’t work for all homes. At Rooftop Chimney, we can help you determine the best option for modern fireplaces, ensuring that they enhance your home’s appeal.

If modern fireplace designs don’t interest you, we can install and service a variety of other fireplace options. Furthermore, we offer a variety of fireplace and chimney services, like chimney cleaning service, chimney cap repair, chimney liner installation and more.

Contact us today to learn more about modern fireplace designs or any of our services.

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