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A Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Chimney

Spring is officially here.  Homeowners across the nation can finally open their windows and begin the annual tradition of cleaning their home from top to bottom. As we scrub the bathtubs and dust the blinds, we must also remember the spaces within the home that are less noticeable but just as important.  The chimney is one of those parts that we often forget but needs our attention too.  A clean chimney is safer to use, more efficient to run, and creates less air quality problems than a dirty one.

Follow this checklist for giving your chimney the spring cleaning it deserves:

Inspect and repair flashing – Flashing is a vital tool preventing water from entering the chimney flue. Flashing becomes even more important during the rainier spring months.  It should be inspected for signs of deterioration and excessive wear.  If needed, the flashing should be repaired or replaced.

Schedule a chimney sweep – An annual cleaning and inspection is what keeps a chimney safe to use.  Schedule your cleaning with a certified chimney sweep to ensure that your flue is clear of dangerous creosote and other buildup.

Fireplace tidying – The fireplace itself can become dusty and dirty after an entire year of heating.  Carefully clean the glass door with a non-ammonia cleaning solution and use a paintbrush to dust away fine particles.

When scheduling your next chimney cleaning and inspection, trust the experts at Rooftop Chimney Sweeps.   With nearly 40 years in the chimney sweep industry, we have the experience homeowners are looking for in a service partner.  All of our technicians are CSIA certified ensuring your home receives the professional care and attention it deserves.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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