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Residential and Commercial Chimney Cleaning, Installation & Repair

While the average chimney problem like simple soot removal is easy for the average homeowner to clean up, when creosote buildup occurs, you are going to need to call a professional. The specialists at Rooftop Chimney Sweeps are happy to get their hands dirty so you don’t have to. 

All our chimney sweeps are mastered and bring a combined 200 years of knowledge to each project we tackle while always improving and keeping up with the latest techniques and safety measures. Your family's safety is our number one priority, and we strive to achieve this to the utmost level by eliminating all potential fire hazards.  

Since 1978, we have provided professional chimney and fireplace repair, cleaning, maintenance, and installation for residential and commercial buildings in Richmond and the surrounding areas. While we specialize in providing chimney solutions, we also offer additional services like dryer vent services, gas and wood stove inserts, and more.

Call Rooftop Chimney Sweeps today at (703) 705-7550. One of our Richmond chimney sweeps will get in touch with you shortly.

How Often Should Your Chimney Be Professionally Swept?

How often you should schedule a chimney sweeping service will depend on how often you use your fireplace as well as what types of fuel you are burning. If you burn coal or fuel, we recommend scheduling a chimney sweep service twice a year - once before the start of the heating season and once at the end of heating season. 

If you burn smokeless fuels, once a year should be enough. If you use your fireplace heavily throughout the winter, your chimney sweep may recommend additional visits.

Signs Your Chimney Needs Sweeping

The signs you chimney needs to be swept include:

  • Noticeable odor from your chimney even when a fire isn't actively burning
  • There is smoke being blown back into your room even when your flue is open
  • Visible soot buildup on the sides of your fireplace

If you notice any of these signs, it's important to call for professional chimney sweeping right away. Improper chimney maintenance can pose a fire hazard. We recommend that you discontinue the use of your fireplace until after it is swept. 

Professional Chimney Repair in Richmond

Expert chimney restoration and repair takes skill and experience. At Rooftop Chimney Sweeps our team are able to ensure the chimney and fireplace are structurally sound and safe to use. We specialize in chimney repair, flashing repair, and rebuilds for all types of home and business buildings in the Richmond area.

Signs You Need Chimney Repair Services

There are several signs you are in need of chimney repair services, including:

  • Damaged mortar joints
  • Rust
  • Cracked bricks
  • Too much smoke
  • Bugs or rodents in the building

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Chimney Services in Richmond?

It’s recommended to have your fireplace or chimney serviced in the fall, right before the winter temperatures arrive. Call and book an appointment before the winter rush when our services will be in high demand. 

Calling during the spring and summer months is also ideal as these are off-season periods where most people don’t think about their fireplace, so you are sure to have no problems getting someone to handle your project quickly. Of course, we are available all year round, so reach out to us any time. 

Don't hesitate to contact the experts at Rooftop Chimney Sweeps to get started on your next chimney repair in Richmond!


Choose the Trusted Team Why Rooftop Chimney Sweeps?

  • Over 100 Years of Industry Experience

    We have centuries of combined industry experience among our employees.

  • Certified Master Technicians
    We have two of the fewer than 50 certified master chimney technicians in the USA.
  • Fit Any Budget
    Our senior chimney consultant will find a solution for your situation and budget.
  • Professionals
    Our employees act in the best long-term interest of the company and client.
  • Options Available

    We offer a bigger and better selection of products and services than ever before.

  • Project Flexibility
    We can handle any chimney project, whether it’s a repair or a cleaning.

Leaders in Chimney & Fireplace Technology

If you are someone that doesn’t like to skimp when it comes to home upkeep, it’s important that those high standards are maintained when hiring professional help. When you schedule us for a chimney inspection or cleaning, we only use top-of-the-line tools and technology. We carefully examine the condition of your entire system both before and after our service, so you know exactly what needs to be addressed and what we accomplished.

Whether you’re having problems with smoke, air quality, structural issues, or you just need a clean fireplace, we can help! From a full chimney rebuild to pressure washing and masonry repair, our experts have the knowledge, experience, and skills to get the job done!

Get the Help You Need from Our Richmond Chimney Professionals

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps strives to bring the highest level of professional and technical expertise to the Richmond area. When you get in touch with us, we will assign you an account manager to direct you to exactly what your home needs while educating you on chimney and fireplace care best practices.

We provide thorough explanations about the decisions you face regarding your chimney and guide you through the options available. After hearing our honest assessments and professional insight, we will work with you to choose the safest and most cost-effective solution.

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Quality You Can Trust Our Reviews

  • “I highly recommend them.” - Angela K.
  • “They were very professional and knowledgeable.” - Theresa W.
  • “I had a fantastic experience with Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, in particular with Grant Raycroft.” - Robert A.
  • “He made a clean entrance and exit - Kenny was so nice!” - Kelsey K.
  • “My technician Grant was thorough, kept my home clean, and explained everything to me.” - Jordan M.
  • “But the part that impressed me the most was how friendly the techs were to each other, teamwork, and sincere kindness to each other.” - Jamie A.
  • “They are polite, professional, and best of all HONEST!” - Cara W.
  • “Emanuel did a terrific job inspecting my chimney, reporting on its condition, and recommending the work that needed to be done.” - Jon S.

Chimney Repair vs. Chimney Rebuild: Choosing the Right Solution

When faced with chimney issues, homeowners often wonder whether a repair or a rebuild is the best course of action. Understanding the difference between chimney repair and chimney rebuild can help you make an informed decision based on the extent of the damage, cost considerations, and long-term benefits. 

At Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, we aim to provide expert guidance to help you choose the most suitable solution for your chimney needs.

Chimney Repair

Chimney repair involves addressing specific issues or damage in your chimney while preserving the existing structure. This option is typically chosen when the damage is localized or confined to certain components of the chimney. 

Some common situations where chimney repair may be appropriate include:

  • Minor Masonry Damage: If your chimney exhibits minor cracks, spalling bricks, or deteriorated mortar joints in specific areas, a repair can often resolve these issues. Skilled technicians can perform spot tuckpointing, brick replacement, or mortar repair to restore the integrity of the affected areas.
  • Flashing or Cap Damage: Damaged flashing or chimney caps are common culprits behind water leaks. In such cases, a repair involves replacing the damaged components, ensuring proper water shedding and protection against moisture intrusion.
  • Liner Replacement: If your chimney liner is damaged or deteriorated, a liner replacement may be the appropriate repair option. This involves installing a new liner to enhance safety and improve the efficiency of your chimney.

Chimney repair offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness and quicker turnaround time compared to a rebuild. It allows you to address specific issues while retaining the existing chimney structure, preserving its historical or aesthetic value.

Chimney Rebuild

A chimney rebuild is necessary when the damage to the chimney is extensive or structural in nature, making it impractical or unsafe to attempt repairs. 

Situations that may require a chimney rebuild include:

  • Severe Structural Damage: If your chimney has significant structural issues, such as leaning, collapsing, or extensive mortar deterioration throughout the entire structure, a rebuild may be necessary. This approach involves dismantling the chimney and reconstructing it from the foundation up, ensuring a safe and stable chimney system.
  • Extensive Fire Damage: Chimney fires can cause severe damage, including cracked flue liners, compromised masonry, and weakened chimney structures. In such cases, a rebuild may be the safest and most comprehensive solution to restore the chimney's integrity.

While a chimney rebuild requires a greater investment of time and resources, it offers long-term benefits, such as enhanced structural stability, improved safety, and increased lifespan. It also allows for the incorporation of modern chimney technologies and materials, improving efficiency and reducing future maintenance needs.

At Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, our experienced technicians will carefully assess the condition of your chimney and provide a professional recommendation based on the extent of the damage, cost considerations, and your long-term goals. Whether a repair or a rebuild, we ensure that the chosen solution is tailored to your specific needs, maintaining the safety and functionality of your chimney for years to come.

Dial (703) 705-7550 or contact us online to schedule your chimney service in Richmond. Our representatives are eager to get you the help you need.

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