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Accessories Needed for a Wood Burning Stove

For wood burning stoves, there are a variety of tools and accessories needed to make its use easy and efficient. Some accessories also will keep you safe when dealing with the intense heat created by the wood burning stove.

And in addition to the functional tools to make your job easier, there also are a number of other accessories — like cooking accessories — that go beyond making the stove efficient and safe.

We’ve developed a list of must-have accessories for any wood burning stove. These accessories will keep you safe, increase the unit’s efficiency and keep your wood burning stove clean and looking like new.

– Stove gloves are a key piece of safety equipment for any wood burning stove owner. These gloves are made with heat- and fire-resistant materials and are long enough to cover your arms for added protection from the high temperatures.

– Special thermometers can be attached to the stove top or stove pipe and can alert you of overheating, and of lower temperatures, which increases the threat of creosote build-up. (Creosote is a harmful material that can catch fire in your chimney or stove pipe.)

– Cleaning tools are necessary to keep your wood stove clean and safe. A set of cleaning tools should include, at a minimum, a shovel and brush. Regular cleaning will keep your wood burning stove looking like new, and beautiful for years to come. (You also should consider an ash holder that will cut down on your trips to dump the ashes.)

– Lastly, consider a fan, which most wood burning stoves don’t come with, to distribute heat from the unit throughout the space. Wood stove fans have become incredibly efficient, and some work without electricity.

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