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Flashing Fails? What Now?

The flashing on your roof isn’t very flashy. But while it doesn’t look like anything important, flashing — especially around your chimney — has a very important job: keep water out of your home.

And if your flashing fails, you can expect to fix damaged walls and ceilings and replace rotting wood damaged by water.

Flashing around your chimney fills the slight gaps between your roofing and the brick or stone chimney.

Most chimney flashing actually is a two-part system that includes an L-shaped metal piece that adheres to the roof and the chimney.

The second part of the system is called the counter flashing, which covers the metal from the L-shaped piece on the chimney. Ideally, the counter flashing has a 90-degree bend at the top that is rooted between layers of brick in your chimney. If embedding the bend in between bricks isn’t possible, caulking or an asphalt roofing compound is often used to create a water resistant seal.

But over time, flashing fails. Sometimes the caulking or asphalt roofing compound deteriorates in the weather or sometimes the metal flashing rusts through. Regardless of the reason, fixing the flashing as soon as possible will ensure you keep your home free from water and moisture.

If your flashing has failed, hiring a fireplace service company like Rooftop Chimney Sweeps Inc. should be your first call. Not only can Rooftop Chimney Sweeps repair your flashing around your chimney, but we can inspect your chimney both inside and out for any damage caused by the leaking flashing.

But our services go beyond fixing flashing. While we’re up on your roof, we can perform chimney cap repair, chimney crown repair and a host of other services to ensure your chimney is free from defect and efficient.

If you’re in Washington, D.C., or surrounding area home’s flashing has failed, contact us today.

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