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3 Reasons Why Realtors Should Include a Chimney Inspection in a Home Sale or Purchase

Real estate is your life and you’re a rockstar at it. You can cite the laundry list of insurances, taxes, appliances, inspections and maintenance schedules. You can even refer your home buyers and sellers to the best guy in town for gassing the bats out of the attic.

But what about the chimney inspection? Are you really standing out from that endless sea of realtors in your area? Here are 3 reasons why getting a chimney inspection is absolutely critical in the home appraisal process, will make you look like a superstar and can even lead to more sales in the long run.

1. Protect your clients from unforeseen expenses

The reality of the chimney inspection is that without it, the value of the house will not be entirely accurate. More importantly though, you’ll know the chimney can take the heat. When you have customers buying or selling a house with a chimney, Rooftop performs chimney inspections that will quickly turn the creosote into sunshine and rainbows. That means we’re not just going to poke our heads up the flue, strike thumbs up and dart out the door with cash in hand like you may have experienced with other chimney inspectors. We take the chimney out for dinner first. We perform a complete visual inspection, including running a camera scan up the flue so we can get to know your chimney and its unique qualities. We can see if there are any immediate dangers with the chimney’s current condition and even potential issues that may arise further down the road. And if the chimney is in great shape, then we give it 5 stars and leave it at that. We believe in always telling the truth and we never selling anything that a customer doesn’t need. Here’s what you can expect when scheduling a chimney inspection & cleaning with our company.

2. The NFPA requires it

It’s required by the National Fire Protection Agency that a level 2 chimney inspection is included in every home sale (NFPA 211), so make sure you specify. The level 1 inspection is sort of like walking up to a chimney, looking at it (with a trained eye, mind you) and making sure there aren’t any obvious structural failings, like a family of raccoons making biscuits in the flue. The critical difference with a level 2 inspection is that it includes an inspection of the flue not only with the naked eye, but using state of the art camera equipment.

You may also be thinking that chimneys are just holes for smoke to escape.  Even if you’re not using your chimney for fire, many utilities like water heaters or furnaces vent their exhaust gases through the chimney or a separate b-vent that looks like this.

Now, here’s the best part:

Here at Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, we understand the urgency of the contract phase in home sales. That’s why we guarantee a 48-hour, level 2 chimney inspection to ensure that you can get the chimney inspection completed in a timely manner during the often-rushed contract phase.

3. Calling the real professionals will save your reputation

When you request a chimney inspection, it’s critical the inspector is a CSIA Certified Chimney Technician. All the others: NFI, CCP, NCSG certified are not truly qualified to be inspecting your client’s chimney. This is what really makes the professionals stand out from other chimney inspectors. And by proxy, you now have something unique to your services over other realtors and you can sleep well at night knowing that your client is in good hands.

Finally, because we love working with realtors, we offer you a special realtor’s discount of $169 for the inspection (from $299). This make you look like a hero to your client since you get to save them money by helping them select the right chimney inspection company.

Let’s start partnering today! Call us at (703) 705-7550 or schedule your chimney inspection here.

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