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A fireplace provides many benefits, from producing warmth on chilly nights in Arlington, VA, to increasing your home’s resale value. It also creates a cozy atmosphere while improving the overall appearance of the room. When you’re choosing between a wood and gas fireplace, knowing the pros and cons of each makes all the difference.

Energy Efficiency

Wood fireplaces aren’t the most efficient when it comes to heating a room. If the room doesn’t have adequate insulation, you can expect to lose heat as you burn the wood. Cool air will also come into the room from the chimney, making it even harder to heat the space.

Gas is more energy efficient. According to This Old House, some models can produce between a 75 and 99 percent efficiency rating. You’ll get more heat from the fuel and a much warmer room as a result.


Wood fireplaces are harder to maintain than gas fireplaces. You’ll have to clean up the ashes after every fire, not to mention the soot. The soot can also build up in the chimney over time and increase the risk of a flue fire.

You don’t have to worry about soot buildup in a gas fireplace. The fuel burns much cleaner. Other than a yearly inspection, your maintenance chores are much easier when you heat with gas.


One of the major differences between gas and wood fireplaces is the installation and heating costs. Wood-burning fireplaces are very expensive to install, as much as $20,000 in some cases. You also have to pay for the wood to heat the room throughout the winter.

Gas units range in size and appearance but are much less in price. Though prices and situations vary, you can expect to pay half of what it would cost you to install a wood fireplace in most cases.

You can’t go wrong with gas if you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to heat your home. Though a wood fireplace has its advantages, gas fireplaces are easier to maintain, cost much less and create the warm glow of a fire without the wood or the smoke. Contact Rooftop Chimney Sweeps for all your chimney and fireplace needs.

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