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Keeping your chimney clean and free from wear and tear will help make sure your fireplace system is operating efficiently, providing warmth and comfort throughout your home for years to come.

It’s imperative you have your fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year — more if you use the fireplace heavily — to make sure the structure is sound and operating as it should.

Specifically, annual cleanings and inspections will:

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps is a professional chimney cleaning service that has the knowledge and experience to thoroughly clean your chimney and repair any deficiencies in your chimney — both inside and out. We can inspect your entire system to ensure it is working properly, and perform other maintenance as needed, like chimney cap repair or chimney liner installation.

For more information about our services to the Alexandria, Falls Church, Arlington, McLean or Washington, D.C., areas, or to make a chimney cleaning appointment, contact us today.

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