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A Journey of Confidence, Joy, and Chimney Excellence Back in 1978, amidst the backdrop of major oil crises, families were searching for alternative ways to heat their homes. Wood-burning stoves were becoming a common sight, yet few knew how to keep them safe and efficient.

Enter a man named Andy Raycroft – a man with a vision to provide the best chimney service, and an unshakeable commitment to his customers. And so, Rooftop Chimney Sweeps was born. Andy didn’t have a business degree or years of industry experience. He was simply a man who believed in the power of service and treated every customer’s home like his own. The quality of his work spoke for itself, and his business grew through repeat customers and referrals. This strong foundation of customer-focused service was not only the key to the survival of Rooftop Chimney Sweeps but also its thriving future. When Andy’s sons, Tristan and Dylan (hey, that’s me!) started joining him on the job, we were given front-row seats to this powerful way of doing business. Seeing dad talk to customers as if they were old friends, listening and genuinely caring about their needs was a formative experience. It taught us that business isn’t just about making a profit, but about creating meaningful connections. And it’s this ethos that we carry forward in our mission to give more customers the Rooftop experience.

Our mission statement, “delivering customers confidence and joy,” is the essence of our family business. It encapsulates our commitment to providing homeowners with the assurance that their homes are in good hands, and the joy we find in using our skills to solve their problems. This mission drives us in our everyday work, shaping our business practices and guiding our relationships with our customers, our team, and our community. There’s this thing dad said once that has stuck with me: “If you take the time to do everything as perfectly as you can, your customers will see how much you care. Most of them are fascinating people with great stories to tell. We get to meet interesting new people every day, help them solve problems they couldn’t solve on their own, and everything we have comes from them.” This, to me, is the heart of Rooftop Chimney Sweeps. The nurturing culture we’ve built at Rooftop Chimney Sweeps has empowered many of our past employees to start their own successful ventures or build careers with Fortune 500 companies. While we feel the bittersweet pang of seeing some of our best leave, we are immensely proud of them. Their journeys are the greatest testament to our empowering culture, and they remain friends and part of the Rooftop family. Today, we continue to dream bigger, serve more customers, and help more employees grow.

We’ve worked hard to become industry leaders, with Tristan being one of only 50 certified master sweeps in the whole country. We don’t hoard our expertise; we believe in sharing our knowledge and experience to help others, be it our customers, our team, or other business owners trying to build their own companies. Our commitment to building a better world goes beyond the chimneys we service. We recruit for attitude first because we believe skills can be taught, but the right attitude is intrinsic. Our mission will remain our guiding light, as we continue to deliver joy and confidence to our customers for many more years to come. We’ve been doing this for 45 years, and we’re not stopping any time soon. Here’s to 45 more years of confidence, joy, and chimney excellence!

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