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Firewood that is properly stored, dried and seasoned is firewood that will provide hot and long-lasting fires for you and your family to enjoy.

Whether you live in Alexandria, Falls Church, McLean or Washington, D.C., it’s this dried and well-seasoned wood that provides the fuel to your fire, burning efficiently and saving you money by off-setting heating costs.

To allow your firewood to dry thoroughly, there are several tactics you need to follow to succeed, including:

Stacking your wood pile in an area that provides sufficient airflow and adequate sunlight to help it dry. Stack the wood for at least six months to ensure it’s thoroughly dried, seasoned and ready to burn. Furthermore, don’t stack the wood higher than four feet. Wood piles higher than four feet can fall over, creating a safety hazard.

Keeping the wood off the ground. Instead, put the wood on a tarp, gravel or old pallet to keep moisture from the ground from seeping into the wood.

Covering the wood pile — especially if it’s outside. This will keep rain or snow from ruining your drying firewood. Cover the firewood with a tarp, or better yet, store in a garage or shed. (Just remember to allow for adequate airflow and sunlight to help the wood dry.)

Spraying the wood with pesticide to exterminate bugs and to keep them from using the wood pile as their home.

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