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Keeping your chimney clean is a key component to ensuring that your fireplace operates efficiently and safely.

To reduce the threat of a chimney fire, your chimney should be cleaned and inspected annually. But properly cleaning your chimney is no easy task, and there several myths about keeping your chimney in proper, working order, including:

I can clean my chimney myself

While some homeowners think they have the know-how to clean their own chimneys, most don’t have training, experience or the tools required to thoroughly clean and inspect the structure. A professional sweep trained to inspect and clean chimneys has the proper tools and experience to identify any issues and make proper recommendations.

Once winter comes, it’s too late

Chimney cleanings are available year long. If you suspect a problem or haven’t had your chimney cleaned within the past year, call a professional, regardless of the season. Professional chimney cleaning companies have the ability to work in all seasons and all climates. Don’t wait until you suspect a problem to call the professionals.

I don’t need it cleaned; I just installed a new liner

This myth is one we often hear from consumers who recently installed a stainless steel or aluminum liner. While a new liner certainly can create an efficient and safe fire, your fire burning habits likely remain unchanged. Soot still accumulates and soot still needs to be removed. If you neglect cleaning your chimney after a new liner is installed, some manufacturers will go as far as voiding its warranty.

I just bought a new home, I’ll get it cleaned later

If you don’t have documented proof that your chimney was recently and thoroughly cleaned, it’s best to have your chimney swept. If you aren’t sure when it was last cleaned or inspected, and you have no idea what the previous owner’s burning habits were, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned and inspected to alleviate any issues now or in the future.

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps is an experienced chimney cleaning service with the tools and knowledge to properly clean and inspect your chimney, keeping it in working order and safe for years to come.

Contact us today to schedule your annual chimney cleaning and safety inspection.

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