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September marks the beginning of autumn, and you’ll notice the seasonal transition. The weather may stay warm for a little while longer but it will drop, and the leaves have already begun to change to those beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange. It also means you need to prepare your home for the fall and winter.

Making sure your house is ready for the change is crucial to your safety. Here are a few tips on preparing your home for the fall:

1. Keep an eye on those gutters! Once most of the leaves have fallen, rid the gutters and downspouts of leaf build up. Consider gutter guards and filters to keep debris out while still allowing water to pass through. If they’re left clogged during a rainstorm, water can pool up and damage the roofing or siding of your home.

2. Make exterior repairs. Take a walk around your home and look for signs of damage on the roof, chimney, siding, and foundation. If you spot anything alarming, schedule repairs before winter begins.

3. Seal gaps to keep pests out. Mice and rats can sneak into your home through the smallest openings, and once they’re inside your home, they’re tough to get out. With colder weather approaching, all these critters will be searching for warm places to nestle into. Fill small holes and cover all large gaps securely with heavy-duty spackle and steel wool.

4. Shut off exterior faucets and hoses. Protect your pipes from freezing temperatures by shutting off the water to exterior faucets before it gets too cold. Drain hoses of any excess water and store them indoors.

5. Remove window AC units. Yes, it can be a hassle to remove and install window units every winter and summer, but it saves heating costs. The frigid air can pass through the units’ vents into your home all winter, leaving you losing valuable heat and money on electric.

6. Clean dryer vents. Lint buildup can make your dryer work less efficiently and can even cause a fire. The cool, dry temperatures increase static electricity – which can ignite lint build up. If you have not had your dryer inspected in the last year, now is a great time to do so.

7. Schedule a chimney cleaning. Chimney fires are a real hazard. If you’re someone who uses their fireplace or wood stove frequently throughout the winter, make sure you schedule a proper inspection to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Luckily, Rooftop Chimney Sweeps can help. Give us a call at (804)-406-9663 to schedule your chimney services.

We hope this helps and that everyone has a safe and warm upcoming fall/winter season.

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