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Fireplaces are great for cold nights in Arlington, VA. But when you’re not using your fireplace, animals can try to enter your chimney. Despite the basic maintenance required for chimney upkeep, you’re probably not aware of the damage that animals can cause. Below are five dangers of having animals in your chimney.

They Can Cause Fires

When an animal takes up residence in your chimney, they leave animal droppings and fur. Not only does it require chimney cleaning, but it can cause a fire from the buildup of foreign material. This endangers your home and the safety of you and your loved ones.

They Can Destroy Your Chimney

While age and weather conditions eventually necessitate chimney repair, animals in your chimney can quickly destroy it. They do so by creating nests and leaving droppings that promote the growth of bacteria and other biological contaminants.

They Carry Pests and Disease

The last thing you want is an unknown illness, especially if you have a compromised immune system. Birds can transmit bird flu and carry lice and other pests. Bat guano can cause serious illness due to histoplasmosis, which is fatal if not treated immediately.

They Get Inside Your Home

No one wants to wake up to a critter invasion. Even though they may live in your chimney, pests may decide to take over your home looking for food. You can partly prevent a pest invasion with a chimney cap, protecting your chimney from pests and the elements.

They Get Stuck and Die

Sometimes, when an animal enters your chimney, a closed damper prevents them from entering your home. While bats and birds can leave your chimney if they’re not stuck or injured, other animals such as raccoons have a problem. After death, the decomposition of the animal causes odors and potential illness.

While wild animals are cute or beautiful to watch from afar, you don’t want them to get in your chimney. Contact Rooftop Chimney Sweeps today to learn more about our fireplace services.

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