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Fireplaces can be efficient providers of heat during cold winter months, but homeowners need to do their part to ensure fires burn well to keep their heating bills in check.

Burning your fire efficiently means maximizing the heat output, while minimizing effort. To help you get the most out of your fireplace, we’ve developed five tips to increase efficiency.- Use dry, well-seasoned wood that burns clean and efficiently, providing maximum heat. The best firewood is seasoned in a covered area — like a garage or shed — for at least six months.

In addition to these tips, Rooftop Chimney can ensure your fireplace and chimney are efficient by inspecting and cleaning them thoroughly. As a chimney cleaning service and fireplace service company, we have the knowledge and ability to clean your chimney and offer more tips on burning an efficient fire.

Whether you live in Washington, D.C., or McLean, we can provide you with the fireplace service you need. For more information about fireplace inserts, firebacks, or our chimney cleaning service, contact us today.

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