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Chimneys take byproduct gases such as carbon dioxide and other toxic fumes from the fireplace inside your home and carry them outside so that they don’t negatively affect your household. You may think that chimneys don’t need much maintenance, but they need inspection and repair from time to time. Here are a handful of chimney issues that require professional repair in Fairfax, VA:


Chimney obstruction is what happens when your chimney gets blocked and the fumes from the fireplace can’t escape. A variety of things can cause an obstruction. They include a buildup of soot, debris like branches and leaves or even the formation of a bird’s nest inside your chimney.

An obstructed chimney can be extremely dangerous. By not allowing the fumes to escape, it could lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide, which is poisonous and can be fatal if you inhale too much of it. Another result of the fumes not escaping is that it could potentially cause a house fire.

Damaged Brickwork

If your chimney is old, there’s a chance that its brickwork may begin to deteriorate. Your chimney’s bricks may start to lean, develop cracks and even collapse.

If you don’t get your chimney repaired and it collapses, you’ll have to pay for an entirely new chimney. Hiring a professional to repair your chimney before it gets to that point would be the smarter and more cost-effective choice.

Cracked Chimney Crown

The cap and crown at the top of the chimney help to keep moisture from getting between the chimney’s flue and its outer wall. Since the cap and crown protect the chimney from harsh weather conditions, unwanted things can get into the chimney and make it unsafe for use if they become damaged.

A damaged crown can also let moisture damage other parts of your chimney, including the inner lining and masonry. Moisture seeping in can also affect other parts of your home, such as the ceilings and walls.


Creosote is a black or brown tar that wood releases as it burns in your fireplace. This substance is extremely dangerous because it is flammable and often sticks to the inner lining of a chimney.

Creosote buildup is the cause of many chimney-related fires, so it’s important to have your chimneys professionally cleaned to avoid a buildup. Creosote can also stop your system from being able to vent properly, which can lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide in your home.

Problems Inside the Flue

Your chimney’s flue is the duct where the smoke and toxic fumes from the fire and burned wood exit your home. The flue typically has a lining of clay tile or stainless steel. While stainless-steel lining seldom needs replacing, clay tile can incur damage and wear over time.

If the clay tile in your flue begins to deteriorate and ends up damaged, the smoke and toxic fumes from the fire can end up in other parts of your home. You shouldn’t use your fireplace with a damaged flue. Instead, you should immediately hire professional chimney sweeps to repair it.

Leaky Flashing

Your chimney’s flashing is a waterproof seal in the area where the chimney and your home’s roof make contact. This can prevent moisture and unwanted substances from leaking into your home through the cracks. If your flashing has a leak, this can lead to huge amounts of damage to your ceiling, attic and the structure of your home.

Although a chimney offers important benefits to your household in Fairfax, VA, it’s vital to make sure that it receives proper maintenance and cleaning so that it won’t develop any unnecessary issues. Contact Rooftop Chimney Sweeps for a variety of services, such as chimney inspection, chimney cap installation and chimney repair.

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