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As days get shorter and nights get colder in the fall, we get closer to our fireplaces. Sitting around the hearth sharing stories and discussing important life issues with your friends and family is fun — until there are fire outbreaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. Read on to learn about five reasons it’s wise to schedule a chimney inspection this fall in Arlington, VA.

Have It Cleaned and Remove Obstructions

Leaving your smokestack unchecked and uncleaned for too long attracts the collection of dirt and animals. As critters collect in your flue, some die inside the chimney and clog it. Blocked smokestacks aren’t only a health hazard but also a potential cause of fire outbreaks.

When you start your stove or fireplace fires, if your flue has a clog, it can cause a fire outbreak. Blocked chimneys don’t exhaust the carbon monoxide efficiently, meaning your family and friends may end up suffering from poisoning caused by carbon monoxide. When you schedule a chimney inspection, our specialists will clean and unclog your chimney to leave the flue performing efficiently.

Repair Structural Damage

Not getting your chimney checked raises the odds of structural damage, which, if not addressed early enough, can affect the overall performance of the chimney. Every part of your chimney, including crown, bricks, damper system and mortar, should stay in good shape. The collective work of all these components helps to ensure your home doesn’t suffer from damage by water and your household doesn’t suffer from monoxide poisoning.

The fact that chimneys have to stand up against destructive chemicals and extreme temperatures means that they will incur damage over time. Not having the chimneys checked promptly could force them to work in their damaged state, triggering further damage. Scheduling a professional chimney inspection allows a chimney technician to discover issues such as warped dampers, cracked crowns and faulty flue liners before they cause trouble.

Regular Inspections and Repairs Can Increase Chimney Lifespan

Chimneys have a lifespan of 15 to 50 years, mainly depending on the quality of care they receive. Don’t expect a chimney that hasn’t had an inspection or cleaning after installation to go past 20 years. One of the best ways to add a few years of useful life to your chimney is to schedule inspections and repairs regularly.

Annual or quarterly chimney inspections can go a long way toward keeping your flue strong and fully functional. Inspections provide an opportunity for professionals to diagnose and troubleshoot damage early, which often adds to the chimney’s lifespan while boosting its efficiency and reliability.

Prevent Issues With Bad Odors

Chimneys are the leading targets of most critters, including raccoons, birds and squirrels. As these animals collect inside the chimney, some die in the process, causing foul odors. Also, fall storms are likely to damage leaves and twigs, some of which end up in the chimney.

When animals and debris clog up the chimney, they make it hard for fire byproducts to flow out of your home. Musty and dusty odors can result, making indoor stays uncomfortable. Regular chimney inspections address these issues promptly, preventing nasty smells and poor flue performance.

Boost Your Chimney’s Efficiency

Your fireplace’s efficiency links directly to the condition and health of your chimney. When external elements clog the chimney, they limit the flow of oxygen indoors. Less oxygen supply indoors means that your stove won’t perform efficiently.

When you have a professional visit your home to check and resolve chimney problems and clean dirty elements stuck inside the chimney, you won’t need to worry about such issues. The chimney will efficiently exhaust the byproducts of your fire systems and allow the efficient flow of oxygen indoors.

Regular inspections are the most reliable method of keeping chimneys operating efficiently and fireplaces running with less soot and carbon monoxide releases. For effective and timely chimney cleaning and repair services, contact our specialists at Rooftop Chimney Sweeps.

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