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Occasionally, a wild animal will find its way into your property. The animal’s presence can have far-reaching health and safety implications and requires prompt action. Here are five reasons to leave animal remediation to the pros in Washington D.C.

Humane Treatment and Wildlife Conservation

One reason to leave animal removal to the experts is to ensure humane treatment. Raccoons and squirrels are clever creatures that can open doorknobs and latches. Their ability to swim and move at fast speeds often makes capturing them complicated.

Out of frustration, many homeowners opt for traps and poisons. Unfortunately, some equipment can injure the animal. Repellents are not effective for raccoons, and the chemicals can impact ecosystems.

Furthermore, even if you capture the animal, you may not be in a position to release it into the wild. Consider consulting an animal remediation expert with the necessary permits. You can rest easy knowing the process is humane and a prudent step toward wildlife conservation.

Prevent Health Hazards

Many wild animals that find their way onto your property could be vectors for various diseases. Bats hibernate in caves during the winter months. As temperatures get warmer in Washington D.C., they build colonies in buildings.

Bats can hide in the attic or behind loose boards around the house. The presence of bats and raccoons can spread rabies, posing a health hazard for your home.

A professional has the expertise to remove the animal while minimizing risks to your family. Consult an animal remediation team if you spot a wild animal on your property in Washington, D.C.

Save Your Time and Resources

Unless you have the expertise, animal removal can be a complex task. It may take you a lot of time to find or move a bird’s nest in hidden places like the chimney.

You may have to lease or purchase the equipment needed to capture the animal on your residence. The process may take weeks or months. But a professional has enough experience to capture the wild animal in a few hours.

There are also risks an animal remediation expert can avoid. The process may involve climbing onto the roof to find the nest in the chimney.

Prevent Property Damage

Wild animals tend to be destructive and often damage parts of your property. Raccoons chew on wires running behind walls or crawlspaces. The critters could ruin the plants in your garden.

Since a professional remediation process involves finding entry points, you can prevent the problem from recurring. An expert team will also pinpoint potential nesting locations for birds and small animals.

A proper seal along entry points such as the chimney can conclusively avert another incidence. By hiring an animal removal professional, you will be protecting your home from property damage.

Enhance Your Home’s Comfort and Safety

Proper animal remediation is critical for your home’s safety. Besides spreading diseases, there is also the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

One example is chimney swifts which are small birds that colonize chimneys. They can build nests and block the airway, causing a buildup of smoke.

Statistics from the CDC suggest C.O. poisoning causes more than 400 deaths and 50,000 emergency visits. Since birds and raccoons can pose a C.O. hazard, animal remediation is a crucial maintenance task for your chimney in Washington D.C.

If the chimney swifts have already started nesting, the law prohibits homeowners from disturbing the birds. You have to wait for the birds to mature and migrate, according to the Migratory Birds Treaty of 1918.

Additionally, birds and bats can be a nuisance on your property. Animal remediation services often include warranties and guarantees. Therefore, consulting a professional is a wise option for your safety and comfort.

If you fail to address an animal intrusion into your chimney, it may pose a fire and health hazard. Prompt removal is necessary for your home’s safety. Talk to Roof Top Chimney Sweeps for outstanding animal remediation services with a 100% guarantee in Washington D.C.

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