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Dryer fires are one of the most common types of house fires, and they’re largely preventable. If it’s been a while since your dryer has been thoroughly cleaned in Alexandria, VA, it might be time to call in the professionals. Read on to discover four common signs your dryer vent needs a good cleaning.

Your Dryer Takes Longer Than Normal

If your dryer used to take half an hour to dry your clothes but it now takes an hour, something may be wrong. This is one of the first signs of lint buildup, and it can greatly increase your utility bills if left unchecked.

Strange Odors Come From the Dryer

As lint and moisture rise in your dryer, it may emit strange odors. These range from a musty smell to one that’s more similar to burning. If you notice either of these, schedule a dryer vent inspection and cleaning right away.

Clothes Are Hot to the Touch

Clogged vents gradually restrict airflow inside the dryer, causing it to overheat. Even fresh from the dryer, your clothes shouldn’t be uncomfortably hot to the touch. If they are, your dryer is warmer than it should be, which is a potentially hazardous situation.

You Can’t Remember the Last Cleaning

Chances are if you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your dryer vent, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Even if you clean the filter after every load, bits of lint still make their way into the vent. In general, you should thoroughly clean your dryer vent every 12 months.

You can trust us to clean your dryer and keep your home safe from fires. With years of experience under our belt, we’re the right fit for the job. Give us a call at Rooftop Chimney Sweeps and set up an appointment for your dryer vent cleaning today!

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