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Chimneys can be an ideal environment for birds and rodents, so unfortunately animal infestations are common. If your home has a chimney, you should know how to recognize an infestation so that you can take care of the problem before it escalates. Here are four signs of an animal infestation in the chimney of your Alexandria, VA, home:

Bad Odors

Smells coming from your chimney or fireplace may be the most noticeable sign of an animal infestation. Animal fur, droppings and other debris can quickly stink up the place. A particularly bad smell may be from an animal trapped in your chimney and that’s died.

Strange Sounds

It can sometimes be hard to locate the source of a sound. But if you regularly hear odd noises around your chimney or fireplace, you may have an infestation. Screeching, flapping, scratching or scurrying sounds are probably coming from birds or rodents that are either stuck or have intentionally moved into your chimney.


Animals produce droppings around their nests. Therefore, droppings in your fireplace are a sign that critters have taken up residence in your chimney. You may even be able to identify the type of animal based on what the droppings look like, which can be helpful for devising a pest control plan.

Stressed or Excitable Pet

Pets are often more perceptive than humans. Your dog or cat may become agitated if they sense that there’s an animal infestation in the chimney. If you notice your pet acting excitable after looking around the fireplace, it may be a sign that something’s living there.

Animal infestations can make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable in your own home. Any strange sound, smells or sights around your fireplace or chimney can be a bad sign, but even the worst infestations are fixable.

Detecting an animal infestation in your chimney can be crucial for both the well-being of the animals and the safety of your home. If you suspect an animal infestation, it’s essential to address it promptly. Always exercise caution and prioritize safety when dealing with potential wildlife issues.

To stop the problem before it gets out of control, contact the professionals at Rooftop Chimney Sweeps for animal remediation right away.

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