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Your chimney flue is a small piece that comes out from the chimney on your roof that looks similar to a pipe. It keeps both the chimney and the inside of your home safe, which also protects your family. Learn about the most common dangers that can occur when you have a damaged chimney flue in Richmond, VA.

Gas Leaks

Even the smallest of cracks in the flue will allow toxic gases to get inside your home. Those gases can leave you feeling ill and cause different symptoms. With a chimney inspection, a professional will examine the entire chimney and let you know about any damage found.


One of the more important things that a chimney flue does is protect your home from fire damage. This liner absorbs the heat that comes through the chimney and contains any fires that break out.

Any type of damage to the flue will increase the risk of a fire breaking out. The flames from the fire can easily spread to any nearby woodwork and to other parts of your home.

Structural Issues

Many homes in the Richmond, VA, area use brick and mortar construction. The gases produced by fires are acidic enough that they can eat through brick and the surrounding mortar. While a flue that is in good condition will prevent this issue, a damaged flue allows those gases to break down the mortar and brick, which will damage your home’s overall structure and integrity.

Poor Performance

You should also keep in mind that a damaged flue will affect the performance of your chimney. This may result in you needing more wood to keep a fire running or requiring that you use other methods to stay warm on chilly Richmond nights.

Richmond, VA, homes can suffer from a lot of damage due to a damaged chimney flue. Call Rooftop Chimney Sweeps to schedule chimney repair service today to make sure you get the most out of your chimney and keep your family safe.

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