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Is your fireplace in need of sprucing up? Do you want to improve the look of your living area? Are you short on funds and time? If you desire to give your fireplace a more updated look but don’t want to do an expensive remodel, don’t despair! Here are three ideas to freshen it up and give it new life.

1. Paint it-If your fireplace has a brick surround, applying a fresh coat of paint is a relatively cheap way to make it look like new!

2. Replace your mantle-While this method may be a bit more involved than painting, it certainly is less expensive than an entire remodel project!

You can rebuild the mantle yourself or purchase a prefabricated mantel. The cost will depend on what kind of material you’re wanting to use (wood or stone). You can usually purchase a prefab mantel at a home improvement store or lumberyard.

3. Replace or add doors-Simply changing out or adding doors on your fireplace can make a big difference in your fireplace’s appearance. Fireplace doors are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, and are relatively simple to install.

So there you have it, three ways to breathe new life into your fireplace. Rooftop Chimney Sweeps can assist you with any of your fireplace and chimney needs. Contact us today!

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