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March 20th, is the 1st day of Spring, and we can definitely sense it’s arrival by the warmer weather. Just wanted to reach out with a few tips on how to protect your home now that the colder days are almost gone, as well as loop you in about a few perks you can benefit from this spring.


Winter can be hard on your home and your chimney. It’s not so much the pelting that they get from the ice and snow. The real culprit behind damaging your chimney is the “thaw, freeze” effect. When the ice and snow melt, the moisture can seep into small cracks or even just be absorbed into the porous surface of the masonry (unless you have waterproofing). Then, when Jack Frost sends another cold night or morning, this causes the moisture inside your chimney to freeze and expand, which can be quite damaging to its structure.

The best protection for your home is to schedule an annual chimney inspection in the spring, to make sure you quickly address any small damages to your chimney from the winter weather that can quickly turn into large costly damages, and to have your chimney sealed and protected from moisture penetration.


The birds and squirrels are already on the lookout for prime nesting hideouts, and chimney flues without a cap is like hanging up a sign that says “Free Room & Board”. If a critter decides to venture into your chimney flue, it’s very dangerous not only for these animals, but also for your family. Squirrels will pack the flue solid with leaves and sticks, which can impede proper ventilation and likely redirect the poisonous carbon monoxide fumes back into your home.

Or, if a bird decides to explore your flue, it can easily die from the gases, thus creating a dangerous blockage. Please have a professional inspect your chimney for potential blockages and then install chimney caps on each of your flue systems to keep these critters out.

A quick side note: keep in mind, that it’s always worth hiring the experts. This is a colander/strainer that we found cemented onto the chimney – a very sloppy job & hazardous situation. Chimney caps are a super important installation for your chimney that we highly advise you NOT to DIY, especially not like this.


Rooftop Chimney Sweeps gives you 3 perks for getting your chimney cleaned first thing in the spring:

Odor Prevention

In late spring and summer, the warmer weather can produce a stinky/smokey smell in your home if the creosote in your chimney hasn’t been cleaned. We’ll help you with your routine chimney cleaning so that odors don’t invade your home during the upcoming warmer months.

Priority Scheduling

Spring is better because you get to “skip the line” and choose the best time that works for you (don’t procrastinate til the fall and then have to wait in line for weeks to get your chimney cleaning).

Big Savings

Last but not least, we often run promotions during the spring that you can capitalize on. Call in today to see if you can save on your sweep and inspection this spring!

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