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The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) notes that forgetting to open the fireplace damper is one of the few reasons a chimney fails. The damper is a small flap in the flue that you can open to let out smoke or let in air. It’s important in controlling the flame, venting out harmful gases, keeping animals out of your home in Richmond, VA.

Control the Flame

The damper helps you start, smother and control a fire. It controls the draft that gets into the fireplace, thereby controlling the fire during the winter months.

Vent Harmful Gases

The damper lets out particulate matter and harmful gases from your home. If the damper rusts and fails to open, the chimney and the vent system back up smoke, which can result in respiratory issues. A failed damper can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and can start a fire.

Keep Animals and Humidity Away

You won’t need to heat your home in summer, and the damper should remain closed most of the time. Closing the damper keeps animals, stale and foul smells and humidity from entering your home in summer. You can open it a few times during the cooling season to let in air when the HVAC system is off.

When the HVAC system is on, the damper controls draft to keep your home comfortable. If left open, the damper can lead to loss of conditioned air, leading to more energy consumption. The top-sealing damper, also known as an energy-saving damper, helps prevent the loss of conditioned air.

Install a Fireplace Damper

There are two fireplace dampers you can install; the throat damper and the top-sealing damper. The throat damper rests above the opening of the fireplace. A top-sealing damper is ideal when you can’t repair the throat damper.

At Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, we offer comprehensive chimney and fireplace services. Call us today and schedule a chimney or fireplace service.

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