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Chimneys supplement the aesthetic value of your home. Although the chimney’s flue does an excellent job of driving out exhaust gases from your generator, furnace, fireplace or boiler, they also offer a passageway for animals and dirt to flow indoors. The following are good reasons to install a chimney cap in your Richmond, VA, home:

Stop Rain From Entering

Water from melting snow and rain is an enemy to your chimney. Mortar, metal and brick chimneys alike can get destroyed by water. To prevent water entry to your chimney, install a chimney cap.

A chimney cap covers the top of your chimney opening, preventing water from melting snow or rain from flowing into the chimney. For quality chimney cap installations, hire a qualified and experienced chimney installer.

Keep Out Small Animals

When not closed, the chimney openings act as doors for rodents, squirrels, birds, snakes and raccoons to enter your home. The warm air in the chimney provides a comfortable habitat for small animals, most of which build nests inside. The nests and animals can clog the chimney, hindering the efficient removal of gasses.

In some instances, the animals can die in your chimney, which can create bad odors. Some of the animals may also fly or slither into your home. You can prevent any of these awful situations by installing chimney caps.

Help Contain Embers and Sparks

Roaring fires can produce sparks and embers that can find their way onto your roof through the chimney flue openings. As you know, the chimney drives out anything generated by your fireplace, including fiery embers and sparks. If these embers land on flammable items or your yard, it can trigger fire outbreaks.

Your chimney can handle all the torture of fiery embers and sooty gases, but your roof can’t. For professional chimney cap installations, contact our experienced chimney repair team at Rooftop Chimney Sweeps for premium and professional services.

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