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It’s almost fall in Fairfax, VA, which means cooler temperatures. As such, you should prepare for ways to keep warm through the upcoming months. One such heating option is your fireplace pit. A great addition and upgrade to any smoky firewood is a gas log fireplace. Read on to learn why.

Flexible Vent Options

When using a gas log fireplace, you may consider either using a direct vent or go vent-free. The final choice depends on your desires and home requirements.

If you prefer minimal heat with the ambiance of a roaring fire around it, consider installing vented gas logs. Vent-free logs are more efficient in heating your room and are also rather affordable. However, one shortcoming is that these vent-free gas logs may produce odors caused by combustion.

The most efficient option is the direct vent gas logs that feature fully sealed systems. These systems eliminate harmful odors from your home. The direct-vent gas logs also consume outdoor air for heating.

Cleaner and Safer

Undoubtedly, the use of firewood in your home may leave debris such as bark and ashes that invite pests into your home. Therefore, to cut down on dirt and debris in your fireplace and reduce chimney maintenance costs, install a gas log fireplace.

In using gas log fires, you also minimize the safety risks involved with real fire, including smoke when the wood burns or harmful byproducts that affect indoor air quality, increasing breathing complications.

Eco-Friendly Options

It’s important that we work toward preserving the Earth and reducing our carbon footprint. The use of firewood to heat your home involves possible deforestation and produces harmful carbon smoke into the atmosphere. The use of natural gas to heat your home involves fewer byproducts released, controlling pollution.

Gas log fireplaces are the best option to heat your home effectively while also being eco-friendly. Contact Rooftop Chimney Sweeps to set up a gas log fireplace for your home.

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