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Fireplace design trends often reflect the design trends of homes in general, and 2016 is no different.

This is the year of the tile, which can be integrated around your fireplace and mantle to offer a unique look that can easily match the existing decor of your home. And tile is strong enough to withstand the intense heat of your fireplace, making it as durable as it is beautiful.

Tile is available in a wide variety of design options, from textured tiles that provide depth to your fireplace and mantle, to floral designs that use vibrant colors, to metallic tiles that exude luxury.

And while the tile is the design trend of 2016, stone can always be incorporated into your fireplace and chimney to give your home a more traditional look and feel. Stone is a great option for all types of decor. From ultra-modern to classic, stone never goes out of style for fireplaces.

Like tile, the stone is an extremely durable option that will last for years.

Whether you have a stone fireplace, tile fireplace, or anything in between, the key is to accentuate your fireplace, making it the focal point of your space. You can further highlight your fireplace by painting your mantle a different color than the area around it.

Regardless of the design of your fireplace, keeping it operating efficiently is key. At Rooftop Chimney Sweeps — a chimney cleaning service — we have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney. Whether you’re in Falls Church, McLean, Arlington or Alexandria, an efficient and clean fireplace is always in style.

Right now, mid-winter is when many chimney fires occur. If you have not had your chimney inspected within the last year and have been using it regularly, now is the time for the annual inspection. Chimney fires are easy to avoid, it simply requires having them swept.

To learn more about our fireplace services or about the 2016 fireplace design trends, contact us today.

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